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About Sandra Madden

Sandra Madden

I learned to love reading and writing early on in a small, very cold in winter, fall and spring, New England town just north of Boston. My family fled south as soon as I graduated from high school. But it was after graduating from the U. of Miami that I began my career as a broadcast writer in Miami and Los Angeles. (I had no other skills anyone could discern) For many years I worked in commercial radio and public television.

After retiring from that glamorous world, (!) I stayed home to write historical romance for traditional publishers, Kensington Publishing and Dorchester. What a thrill it’s been to see several of my traditionally published novels translated and published in countries like Italy, France, Spain and Portugal.

Most of my novels are now available as author editions with new covers and new titles on Amazon. My favorite time is time spent with family and friends. I also enjoy traveling, cruising, reading and sipping a fine Chardonnay.

And if such things matter to you, I am a member of Novelists, Inc., Sisters in Crime and the Florida Writers Association.

Sandra Madden

Secrets I only share with readers:

1) I enjoy a serious M & M Peanut addiction
2) Orange is my favorite color
3) Red geraniums have survived for months under my care
4) Red geraniums are my favorite flower
5) My dog Charlie loves bagpipe music

In my spare time I present interactive workshops with handouts. Contact me if you would like to have me speak to your organization or group.

LIGHTEN UP: Getting Serious about Humor. Pacing, rhythm, secondary characters, and the unexpected.
THE BASICS: What you need to know before starting your romantic comedy, thriller, etc.
THE BIG COME BACK: Reinvention & Return to a Writing Career.

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