Welcome to my home on the internet. This is where you’ll find information on my latest releases as well as previous and coming soon novels. I write historical and contemporary novels and novellas. (Thrilled to say some have been published in seven different languages!) Plus one or two memoirs. There’s something to entertain everyone. That’s my job! So, I hope you’ll check back often!



Joe was hot. Even with his dark, ever present, two day stubble of beard he’s one fine-looking man in a rugged, jagged-edged knife sort of way. When a woman gives Joe Scipio the once-over, she sees danger and sex -the two most potent promises a man can make.

The Paradise Key Caper features Kathleen Cassidy’s transition from uptight Boston babe to barefoot island warrior. Cassidy’s story begins with a bang when her newly-inherited sleek, go-fast boat explodes. Soon the intrepid redhead is questioning her father’s death under the watchful eye of a rugged Miccosukee undercover ICE agent who is definitely not her type and an attractive marine archeologist who definitely is her type and perhaps… a killer.

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