These are trying times, no doubt about it. We are all muddling through quarantine, social distancing, masks and isolation. But oddly enough, quarantine has proven to be a bit beneficial for me. I’m a writer and in the past have been easily tempted to leave the computer after one quick call. Lunch date?  Shopping excursion? Count me in!

Even now, the ego is crying out – can’t happen to me. Go out, see friends, enjoy!  I listened only once when I was running low on wine.

During these scary pandemic days, I follow the rules from the scientists mostly because they have targeted people like me. Older, (elderly is not a word that will ever pass through my lips) with underlying health issues. Contracting any respiratory illness would not go well for me.

So I have been isolating with my hypoallergenic dog Charlie. We do go out for walks several times a day even in the high pollen but glorious weather.  Have I mentioned that I’m highly allergic to oak pollen? Danger lurks everywhere. We must choose our risks carefully.

In safety, I read and write. Back at the computer I experience little fear – except for a bad review.  I’ve been happily writing for weeks now. Writing gives me joy, it was my first love and I’m pretty sure now that it will be my last. I have been writing almost nonstop, finishing novels started months ago that still hold my interest, starting new books, revising older previously published novels.  I’ve been writing contemporary cozies, romance and Scottish historical novellas, all with a dash of humor. Humor is needed now more than ever.

In the next few weeks I’ll be releasing:  His Honky Tonk Heart, The Camerons’ of Glen Carin Series,  The Paradise Key Caper and Murder at the Magnolia Grill.

I hope these books bring a sense of escape and pleasure to readers everywhere – it was a pleasure to write them!


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