New Novella – A Litttle Bit Country

Back in the day, I wrote commercials, sales presentations and promotions for rock radio. Rock music of the seventies was my music, still is to a great degree. Classical and smooth jazz were also on my music lists.

But why then did I decide to write a love story for a country superstar singer? I have no idea.  Readers often ask writers how they come up with their story ideas. No one knows. It’s just there in your mind one day. Might have been a dream or started in the shower. Characters sometimes take a writer by surprise and start a conversation in their heads, a conversation that begs to be written and soon becomes a story.

Although I didn’t know I would be writing romance at the time, I dated a country music agent when I lived in Los Angeles. Perhaps I absorbed some of his stories through writer osmosis. Maybe the character known as Hale Bryson in my novella “His Honky Tonk Heart” is the result. I can’t say for certain. What I do know is that I listened to country music night and day as I wrote Hale and Elizabeth’s story.

Country artists like Luke Bryan, Brad Paisley, Dolly Parton, Tim McGraw and Blake Shelton are on my play list now. Yes, I learned to truly enjoy country music! And I hope my readers enjoy the mystery and country music romance of “His Honky Tonk Heart.”

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