Mistletoe and Magic

Mistletoe & Magic is a holiday novella featuring a lovely magician and a hot cop.
The story begins when magician’s assistant Jenna Johnson is left high and dry in Albuquerque by the Amazing Malcolm. The magician has performed the ultimate disappearing act taking with him the young beauty’s life savings. Determined to give chase and recover her savings, Jenna accepts a ride from hot, Irish cop, Arthur O’Reilly. She boards his newly inherited RV and becomes temporary nanny for his two young nieces on the drive to his home in Los Angeles.
The free-spirited aspiring magician has spent years caregiving. Can she give up her new freedom and career for the awesome O’Reilly and the delightful little girls. Jenna is definitely not feeling the holiday spirit.
But O’Reilly is willing to make a house arrest in order to give and receive the best Christmas gift of all…love. He’s thinking all it takes is a bit of magic and a sprig of mistletoe. The resolute cop resorts to some tricks of his own in order to convince Jenna to stay, meet him under the mistletoe and share the merriest, most loving Christmas either of them has ever known.

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